Resort Miramonti

Finnish sauna

Relaxation oasis of silence and tranquility 

After a pleasant day spent in the Tatra Mountains, there is nothing better than having a rest in a private sauna. A Finnish sauna, which has beneficial effects on the entire body, is waiting for you right in the Miramonti guesthouse. The sauna also features a cooling zone with showers and a popular ice bucket, as well as a relaxation zone with deck chairs for a complete and enjoyable sauna experience. The Finnish sauna serves for better immunity and relaxation of the muscles.


Price for 1-2 people: 10 €, each additional person 5 € (max 4 people) / 90 minutes
It is sufficient to make reservation 30 minutes in advance. 



Get rid of stress and improve your mood. In a Finnish sauna, you will sweat out tiredness. Thanks to increasing in the temperature of the body its resistance and immunity are strengthened. Regular stays in the sauna contribute to your better protection from civilization diseases. The sauna is an ideal complement to exercise activities, or even sporting performances, which you will definitely experience when you stay in the Tatras. Relaxing your muscles afterward will definitely be enjoyable.

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