Cycling routes

The Tatras – a paradise for cyclists 

In the High Tatras you can find many biking trails of different difficulty. Whether you want to ride along forest or asphalt roads, choose challenging or lighter terrain, you can find it in the Tatra Mountains. Below you can find a few tips of biking routes we have chosen for you. If you don’t feel like taking your bicycle up to The Tatras, we can arrange bicycle rental directly at the resort's reception. For more information, see the Services section..



Stará Lesná - Tatranská Lomnica

Stará Lesná (736 m) – Tatranská Lomnica (850 m)

Length: 2 km 



Horný Smokovec (890 m) – Hrebienok (1 285 m)

Length: 3,4 km

You can set off from Horný Smokovec, directly from the Miramonti resort and continue to the lower station of the funicular in Starý Smokovec. Subsequently, the serpentines rise to Hrebienok to the upper station of the funicular where the route ends.


Cycling path up the White Water (Bielovodská) valley

Lysá Poľana (970 m) – Gamekeeper’s lodge Biela voda (1 015 m)

Length: 3 km

Follow the blue marked trail from Lysá Poľana. Climb the valley along the stream White Water to Gamekeeper’s lodge White Water, where the route ends.


Horný Smokovec – Gerlachov

Horný Smokovec (890 m) – Žakovská poľana – Gerlachov (800 m)

Length: 5,6 km/span>

We start from Horný Smokovec to the Raimund motorest (Dolný Smokovec). From here along the asphalt road around the forest, later on the forest road through Žakovská fields to Gerlachov.


Horný Smokovec – Nová Lesná

Horný Smokovec (890 m) – Nová Lesná (750 m)

Length: 9,5 km

We leave from Horný Smokovec. We pass Dolný Smokovec on the left and take the asphalt road to Nová Lesná.


Cycling path to Sliezsky dom

Horný Smokovec (890m) - Tatranská polianka (1 005 m) – Sliezsky dom (1 670 m)

Length: 11,1 km

From Horný Smokovec to Tatranská Polianka and to the parking lot above the spa. Follow ascent along the green marked track serpentines (initially fairly steep) along Velická valley to the mountain hotel Sliezsky dom.


Cycling path to Green tarn

Tatras Railways stop TEŽ Popradské pleso (1 260 m) – Popradské pleso (1 500 m)

Length: 7,8 km

The route begins at the Biela Voda bus stop and continues along the yellow tourist sign. We ascend the asphalt road up to Šalviový spring. From the spring we continue through the forest trail, sometimes rather stony, to Green Lake Hut.


Cycling route up Kôprová valley

Podbanské (950 m) – crossroads pod Grúnikom (1 069 m) – end of asphalt road, turning to Kmeť waterfall (1 245 m)

Lenght: 7,8 + 7,8 km


We start from Podbanské along the yellow tourist sign on asphalt road. At the crossroads of Tichá and Kôprová valley, we turn right - eastwards by asphalt road (green sign) to Kôprová valley. We walk along Kroprovský stream to the crossing pod Grúnikom, from where continue by a marked blue tourist route that leads from Tri Studničky. Then the track rises along the asphalt road to its end, the turning point at the Kmeťov waterfall - the highest waterfall in the Tatras (80 m).


Cycling route along the Freedom Road

Tatranská kotlina (760 m) - Kežmarské Žľaby (902 m) - Tatranské Matliare (885 m) - Tatranská Lomnica (850 m) - Tatranská Lesná (915 m) - Horný Smokovec (955 m) - Starý Smokovec (990 m) - Tatranské Zruby (1 000 m) - Tatranská Polianka (1 005 m) - Nová Polianka (1 040 m) - Vyšné Hágy (1 100 m) - Štrbské Pleso (1 350 m) - Podbanské (940 m)

Lenght: 46 km

Freedom Road passes through the southern slopes of the High Tatras. The route can be adapted to physical fitness of the biker.




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